she is on my mind every day
Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:55pm

I have two of her presents on my kitchen window sill. So there is not one day going by I am not thinking of her.
For whatever reason I feel that she is not well.
I didn't call her today because I was worried she may jump through hoops to get to the phone..... but I don't want her in more pain just to answer my call.
And I do know it is difficult to talk when the pain is overpowering. The last thing you want is to talk to someone.
Anyway, I hope she checks the zoo and sees that we are all thinking of her ♥

  • She recently posted Shelley - Willow Grace, Thu Mar 21 12:45pm
    She says she's in a lot of pain and can't really move.
    • she is on my mind every day — Vera, Thu Mar 21 12:55pm
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