Kate and her “Y” Girls
I called & spoke with SooGee for about
Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:49pm

An hour a little earlier today. She is simply feeling awful/painful/weak every where and is able to do very little. Her doctor wants an MRI done but as you all know, she is not able to get out of her house easily. I encouraged her to try and move mountains to get herself taken care of and I pray she will do her best. As is SooGee, she is more concerned about not even being able to get to her cards and gift making. She knows everyone understands but it’s who she is and what makes her happy. Mort is as always by her side and little Wally is everything to her and can read her well and gives her tons of love & attention.
I told her I would post here on her behalf. Sending her good vibes etc would be wonderful and while we’re at it.....sending *her* some cards would be great.

    • Keeping Soogee in my prayers!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Wed Apr 10 5:30am
    • Thank you for doing that and reporting back, Kate!Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Sat Apr 6 4:25pm
      From Soogee's reply earlier, it sounds like she rarely is able to read emails, or reply on this site. So giving her our support via phone is really the best idea.
    • Thank youVera, Thu Apr 4 2:03am
      thank you thank you thank you for posting an update!!!!!!!
    • medical transportLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sat Mar 30 10:16pm
      She should be able to get medical transport to MRI if Dr will order it. Hope she will get that done! Anything to figure out what is going on with the pain.
    • Thank you for the update.Shelley - Willow Grace, Sat Mar 30 6:16pm
      She is often on my mind. I’ll be sending her something soon.
      • Email?Kit and Max, Sun Mar 31 11:53am
        Okay, I should have SooGee's address, but I can't find it anywhere. Is there a way to get it to me without putting emails online?
        • Soogee’s infosher(MadMacMar), Mon Apr 1 7:45am
          Hey Kit, if you want to email me I have that info, and her mailing address. You can reach me sher (at sign) thedoodlezoo (dot) com Hopefully you can easily decode my address, didn’t want to type it... more
          • Thanks SherKit and Max, Mon Apr 1 5:13pm
            I got hold of Vicki, and she had it! But thanks for the offer and very clever "net-proof" address. I must remember that.
    • time. She spreads so much joy it would be wonderful if we could make it go away. :(
    • Thanks for the update.Kelly and Roni, Fri Mar 29 1:41am
      Good idea. I think she needs to be showered with cards. I hope that she can get the MRI done.
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