Kit and Max
Great to see you!
Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:57am

My arm is doing fine.
He's doing better. I have a suspicion that his goopy poops may have been caused by chewing antler. I have to run it by the vet. But I took him off everything but his food, and he seems to be doing better as time passes.

Just FYI: My DD1 is expecting my first grandchild in the next few weeks, so I may be otherwise occupied and not even lurking. I'm so excited!

  • Ahh, there's that sweet boy! I have read and researchedvicki zoe zinc zed zemo zinnia zailey, Mon Mar 25 11:09am
    taurine after seeing the article. Taurine is found in raw meat, so I'm not worried with their raw diets. Dogs can also product taurine naturally in their bodies. Cats cannot. A grain filled kibble... more
    • Great to see you! — Kit and Max, Sun Mar 31 11:57am
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