Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio
Update on Max and the scary toy that makes 20 animal sounds
Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:07pm

Max has gone from being scared of this ball, to pretty much ignoring the sounds, LOL. Sometimes walking near it will vibrate the floor ever so slightly and set it off.

Occasionally he will chase it, but mainly he ignores it.
So we recently had some large thunder storms. He ignored the thunder. That is good news, thunder not scary.

This might be caused by the regular exposure to lion roars and bleating goats from the toy ball?

    • Glad to hear he is tolerating the toy now.SD&B, Sat Apr 20 12:39am
      Sounds like he is learning to tolerate it slowly but surely. Maybe it has helped with the thunder. Regardless, ignoring the thunder is very very good news.
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