Jeannine Bergeman (RIP Callie & Cynder)
Sooo cute
Thu May 9, 2019 10:39am

Congratulations! He is beautiful. We are in the same boat and hope to have a puppy by the end of summer. Tux is just what we want! How big will he get? I know standard size varies. I'm looking for 50-60#. Have fun! Send more pictures!

  • New Puppy news!Névine, Vegas (RIP) & Chelsea (RIP), Wed May 8 9:36pm
    Hello, I don't come here often but wanted to share our exciting news. After almost a full year of being dogless, we will be adding a new puppy to the family this coming saturday. He is a standard... more
    • Beautiful puppy!Laurie+Tru, Wed May 15 1:39am
      Oh I’m so happy for you! Life with a dog is just better! Prepare to fall in love again. Please post pics when you have time.
    • Sooo cute — Jeannine Bergeman (RIP Callie & Cynder), Thu May 9 10:39am
      • Re: Sooo cuteNévine & Tux, Thu May 9 9:42pm
        Thanks! According to the breeder he will be around 60 to 65 lbs. Exactly what we were looking for. Good luck in your puppy search
    • sure we remember youVera, Thu May 9 8:56am
      oh, so happy for your. Tux looks adorable. Please keep posting more pictures. Welcome back to the zoo.
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