the zoo is not going to close
Wed May 15, 2019 11:29am

yes, I agree, it's slow. fewer posts and pictures. I am guilty, too. But I do come here frequently, checking up on you all :-)

Thanks for the pictures and updates on Mugsy.

  • Mugsy Pictures from SwarlSD&B posting for Swarl and Mugsy, Tue May 14 11:16pm
    Iím afraid our Doodle Zoo is diminishing. Not a lot of traffic on the site. But I am so happy to be able to have you all around. Mugsy is a bit slower, a bit more muddled each day, but still willing... more
    • l lurk weekly...laurie rufus and stella, Thu May 16 2:40pm
      I will have to have someone upload pictures of my Salty Dog. He joined out family last year after our beloved Rufus and Stella passed away. He is 14 months.
    • the zoo is not going to close — Vera, Wed May 15 11:29am
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