Reagan and Palmer
Wed May 15, 2019 2:19pm

Senior doodles here, it is just so tough to see my sweet doodles slowing down. Reagan was 14 in December and Palmer was 12 in January. Palmer has such a rough time with his elbows, they are slightly bowed and so full of arthritis, and he also has been having terrible yeast infections all over his stomach caused by allergies. He gets monthly allergy shots and joint shots as well as oral allergy meds. He is still excited to go out for a walk, we can do 1/4-1/2 mile and he is done for the day, poor guy just has to get off his legs. Reagan is doing great for an old girl, slightly hard of hearing, and she sometimes has a hard time getting up from the tile floor. She loves her walks too. I am having a difficult time justifying getting them groomed every 4 weeks, I know it has to be painful to be standing and such, my groomer gets them both done in 2.5 hours and she tries to get them to lay down as much as possible. I have begun giving Palmer 1 Rovera a day and Reagan 1/2 of a Rovera. They both get supplements. Are there any other ideas that you all can suggest for making senior doodles comfortable?
I have never figured out the picture posting, but if someone wants to post a few for me that would be great!

    • SD&B posted my pix of Mugsy.Swarl, Thu May 16 9:18am
      I have Mugsy on pain meds which definitely help. But by evening, I think he is a good deal of pain. Hard to tell the source, but he gets very restless. He is stone deaf now, so I am careful to keep... more
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