Jeannine (RIP, Callie& Cynder
I love seeing all the pics of "old friends" and new ones,
Fri May 17, 2019 10:29am

but also sad to see so many are struggling or have crossed the bridge. I've a memeber for years, but admit I am not here , or post as often. It will be a year Sunday that we lost Callie. We are hoping for a new puppy later this summer. Random question. What is the main difference, in personality, between a GoldenDoodle and Labradoodle?

    • Goldendoodles, 1 female, 1 male different breedersLisa, Reagan and Palmer, Sat May 18 3:52pm
      Here are some of the observations of my two GD from different breeders. They were both extremely easy to house train, neither were destructive, both have always been great with children and people of ... more
      • Breeder information Vivian, Mon Jul 22 7:44pm
        Hi, my name is Vivian. I'm looking to get a golden doodle and wanted to know if you have a breeder you can recommend. Thank you
    • I agree with Linda about personalities ->Swarl, Sat May 18 9:17am
      IMHO. Each pup differs from each other more than they differ between labradoodles and golden doodles. You can ask the breeder for characteristics - outgoing, shy, energetic, laid back, - but the... more
    • We have had 2 labradoodlesLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Fri May 17 4:08pm
      No idea if they are different from golden doodles, but they are both very different in skills and personality from each other. So I'd say, no matter which you get, the personality will likely be... more
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