Karan And Holly
Need advice for Holly Golightly
Sun Jun 2, 2019 9:45pm

The grass burrs (stickers) are so bad this year and get caught in Hollyís silky hair- I have spent hours pulling them out - which she hates, of course.
I have decided that to save both our sanities, to do a shave down this year.
Never done this. How short should I go? What about ears and tail?
I am sad because I love her silky curls.

    • Hi Karan...I know all about that. I keep the girlsKate and her "Y" Girls, Tue Jun 4 12:50pm
      shorter than before and we have horrible burrs in the high desert. I still won't shave them but I keep them with 'Poodle feet" (clean feet as groomers call them). And I regularly rub Silk Spirits... more
    • we have lots of problems with burrsVera, Mon Jun 3 6:28am
      we have several types of burrs, the tiny geen ones, big, prickly ones and others I like Joey's hair a tad longer, but need to keep him shaved from end of spring to beginning of winter. Initially I... more
      • Thanks for the encouragement !Karan and Holly, Mon Jun 3 11:51am
        Part of my love for Doodles is their shaggy look - thatís how I always think of them. Nick was never shaved and I loved her look... But I mustnít be selfish - it will be much better for her!
    • What I did.SD&B, Mon Jun 3 12:44am
      Sundog had a wavy coat. I (the groomer, that is) would shave the body, ears, and face, leaving a short mop top (top of head). The tail was not touched. Her coat lay down when shaved, so she was... more
      • THANK YOU!Karan and Holly, Mon Jun 3 1:02am
        This is precisely the information I needed! Iím sure you are right about getting used to the shaved look. I just always think of Doodles as shaggy, lol. Iím going to print out your response and... more
        • I understandVera, Mon Jun 3 6:30am
          you are right, me, too, I always envy those with shaggy doodles. It all depends on the hair as well. Joey's hair is extremely thick and heavy. Everything sticks to him and makes cleaning up,... more
    • Picture taken tonightKaran and Holly, Sun Jun 2 10:53pm
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