What I did.
Mon Jun 3, 2019 12:44am

Sundog had a wavy coat. I (the groomer, that is) would shave the body, ears, and face, leaving a short mop top (top of head). The tail was not touched. Her coat lay down when shaved, so she was shaved with a #7 (1/8 inch).

Barney has a curly coat. He is shaved all over, including face and ears, with a trim on his tail. He is also shaved with a #7 (1/8 inch).

Frosty has a soft cottony coat. She is shaved on the body, face scissor trimmed short in a teddy bear and ears left long. The tail is not touched. She is shaved with a #5 (1/4 inch).

Icy's coat is not shaved or trimmed.

I like for the base of the tail that is left untouched to be shaved up an inch or two. It makes everything much cleaner back there.

Shaving really does help with the burrs and such.

There are a lot of things you can do, depending on the dog, coat type, how the coat lies, and what you want to accomplish. My grooming instructions are to shave as short as possible without risking sunburn. It grows back so quickly. And it will feel like velvet when first shaved. You will love how easy the coat is after shaving and how burrs aren't as much of a problem. And she will still be beautiful.

I was always sad when I thought about shaving, but then they are so beautiful after the shave too. It's just different. In my experience, the dogs really enjoy having a short coat. Cooler, no mats, and no one pulling burrs out of it.

  • Need advice for Holly GolightlyKaran And Holly, Sun Jun 2 9:45pm
    The grass burrs (stickers) are so bad this year and get caught in Hollyís silky hair- I have spent hours pulling them out - which she hates, of course. I have decided that to save both our sanities,... more
    • Hi Karan...I know all about that. I keep the girlsKate and her "Y" Girls, Tue Jun 4 12:50pm
      shorter than before and we have horrible burrs in the high desert. I still won't shave them but I keep them with 'Poodle feet" (clean feet as groomers call them). And I regularly rub Silk Spirits... more
    • we have lots of problems with burrsVera, Mon Jun 3 6:28am
      we have several types of burrs, the tiny geen ones, big, prickly ones and others I like Joey's hair a tad longer, but need to keep him shaved from end of spring to beginning of winter. Initially I... more
      • Thanks for the encouragement !Karan and Holly, Mon Jun 3 11:51am
        Part of my love for Doodles is their shaggy look - thatís how I always think of them. Nick was never shaved and I loved her look... But I mustnít be selfish - it will be much better for her!
    • What I did. — SD&B, Mon Jun 3 12:44am
      • THANK YOU!Karan and Holly, Mon Jun 3 1:02am
        This is precisely the information I needed! Iím sure you are right about getting used to the shaved look. I just always think of Doodles as shaggy, lol. Iím going to print out your response and... more
        • I understandVera, Mon Jun 3 6:30am
          you are right, me, too, I always envy those with shaggy doodles. It all depends on the hair as well. Joey's hair is extremely thick and heavy. Everything sticks to him and makes cleaning up,... more
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