Karan and Holly
Mon Jun 3, 2019 1:02am

This is precisely the information I needed! Iím sure you are right about getting used to the shaved look. I just always think of Doodles as shaggy, lol.
Iím going to print out your response and discuss with the groomer.
Thanks again!

  • What I did.SD&B, Mon Jun 3 12:44am
    Sundog had a wavy coat. I (the groomer, that is) would shave the body, ears, and face, leaving a short mop top (top of head). The tail was not touched. Her coat lay down when shaved, so she was... more
    • THANK YOU! — Karan and Holly, Mon Jun 3 1:02am
      • I understandVera, Mon Jun 3 6:30am
        you are right, me, too, I always envy those with shaggy doodles. It all depends on the hair as well. Joey's hair is extremely thick and heavy. Everything sticks to him and makes cleaning up,... more
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