Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio
I'm imagining the bunny hop
Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:01pm

Bear did that, but Maxwell doesn't.
Our old dogs are so sweet but a worry.

Only idea I have for Bosun would be sweet potato or pumpkin but it doesn't sound like he is ready for that yet. Bear liked both, Maxwell only likes sweet potato. Hope he is better soon.

  • No more seizures. Whew. I think he fellSwarl, Thu Jun 13 12:50pm
    downstairs and that triggered it. It is a terrible thought, but that is my conclusion. He is weaker, but on occasion still bunny hopping around the yard with ears flapping. Bosun, on the other hand,... more
    • I'm imagining the bunny hop — Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Thu Jun 13 1:01pm
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