So glad to hear this is good news!!! (nm)
Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:57pm

  • Swarl, any updates on Mugsy?Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Wed Jun 12 11:25pm
    It has been a month since that first seizure. Hope Mugsy is not having any more problems.
    • lots of hours on my hands and knees. Woken up every 2 hours (lieterally) by Bosun, and now Mugsy, who is basically silent, simply does the deed with no warning. Well, in truth, his own aging rear end ... more
      • I'm hoping the meds work for bothSD&B, Sat Jun 22 1:25am
        and that they are both feeling well soon. It's no fun to get up every two hours for anything, much less for cleaning up poop.
      • Got to thinking...Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Tue Jun 18 9:57pm
        would doggy diapers help? I've known 2 elderly dogs that needed to wear diapers.
        • No need, yet. They got into something ....Swarl, Wed Jun 19 9:29pm
          I think it was a birdbath that has wretched water. I canít think what else they both could have gotten into. Mugsy doesnít wander far these days. Or it could be that Bosun got a bug and then passed... more
      • I feel for youLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Jun 17 1:04am
        Ozzie is no longer as "mannerly" as he was once. I think they just can't control the exit. They just don't know its happening. After he eats in evening, I take him out every 20-30 min just like when... more
      • So so very sorry. Hope this is under control soon! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Sun Jun 16 4:19pm
    • So glad to hear this is good news!!! (nm) — Pegy(Rocky), Fri Jun 14 4:57pm
    • No more seizures. Whew. I think he fellSwarl, Thu Jun 13 12:50pm
      downstairs and that triggered it. It is a terrible thought, but that is my conclusion. He is weaker, but on occasion still bunny hopping around the yard with ears flapping. Bosun, on the other hand,... more
      • Glad to hear Mugsy has not had any more.SD&B, Fri Jun 14 2:21am
        These dear sweet senior dogs scare us so much sometimes. I hope Bosun feels better soon.
      • I'm imagining the bunny hopLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Thu Jun 13 1:01pm
        Bear did that, but Maxwell doesn't. Our old dogs are so sweet but a worry. Only idea I have for Bosun would be sweet potato or pumpkin but it doesn't sound like he is ready for that yet. Bear liked... more
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