Poopville, here. lots of paper towels. lots of dirty rugs.
Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:33pm

lots of hours on my hands and knees. Woken up every 2 hours (lieterally) by Bosun, and now Mugsy, who is basically silent, simply does the deed with no warning. Well, in truth, his own aging rear end gives him no warning.
More paper towels. I draw the line at cleaning up poop at 4:00 in the morning. I figure it isn't going anywhere.
Now they are both on flagyl, and a pro-biotic paste that is basically that clay stuff. Tonight will be the night for sleeping through. - - - I hope.

  • Swarl, any updates on Mugsy?Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Wed Jun 12 11:25pm
    It has been a month since that first seizure. Hope Mugsy is not having any more problems.
    • Poopville, here. lots of paper towels. lots of dirty rugs. — swarl, Sat Jun 15 9:33pm
      • I'm hoping the meds work for bothSD&B, Sat Jun 22 1:25am
        and that they are both feeling well soon. It's no fun to get up every two hours for anything, much less for cleaning up poop.
      • Got to thinking...Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Tue Jun 18 9:57pm
        would doggy diapers help? I've known 2 elderly dogs that needed to wear diapers.
        • No need, yet. They got into something ....Swarl, Wed Jun 19 9:29pm
          I think it was a birdbath that has wretched water. I canít think what else they both could have gotten into. Mugsy doesnít wander far these days. Or it could be that Bosun got a bug and then passed... more
      • I feel for youLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Jun 17 1:04am
        Ozzie is no longer as "mannerly" as he was once. I think they just can't control the exit. They just don't know its happening. After he eats in evening, I take him out every 20-30 min just like when... more
      • So so very sorry. Hope this is under control soon! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Sun Jun 16 4:19pm
    • No more seizures. Whew. I think he fellSwarl, Thu Jun 13 12:50pm
      downstairs and that triggered it. It is a terrible thought, but that is my conclusion. He is weaker, but on occasion still bunny hopping around the yard with ears flapping. Bosun, on the other hand,... more
      • Glad to hear Mugsy has not had any more.SD&B, Fri Jun 14 2:21am
        These dear sweet senior dogs scare us so much sometimes. I hope Bosun feels better soon.
      • I'm imagining the bunny hopLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Thu Jun 13 1:01pm
        Bear did that, but Maxwell doesn't. Our old dogs are so sweet but a worry. Only idea I have for Bosun would be sweet potato or pumpkin but it doesn't sound like he is ready for that yet. Bear liked... more
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