Soogee and Wally
Gosh, I missed The Zoo. Anyone miss me?
Tue Jul 2, 2019 4:49am

What a Hellish 6 months. Everything hit me right about New Years. I have not crawled back and don't think I will. Mort.
thinks I did too much at Christmas but I don't think so. I just sat with tables around me with everything on them that I needed and just called for Mort if there was anything I wanted. Aside from the all-over pain the worst thing for me is the numbness in my hands. Can't eat right, can't hold a pen and write. I can't use my hands too well and my left hand is just about completely numb and I drop everything I touch. My card's "art work" (humor me) has fallen way behind.
However...I want to thank all of you who sent me cards and personal notes. It does make things better to know that people care and things are not completely lost. A special thank you to Kate and her phone calls. Thank you, Kate for picking up the phone and taking the chance I'd pick up. It was wonderful to speak to another voice. It was also so wonderful to have my sweet, little Wally jumping all over me and snuggling face to face with warm hugs and kisses. I'm back but a bit slower. I'll see where this goes and how long it takes me to type a quick post. Thanks again my Zoo sisters

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