So great to hear from you. Yayayay for the Zoo sisterhood. (nm)
Wed Jul 3, 2019 9:32am

  • Gosh, I missed The Zoo. Anyone miss me?Soogee and Wally, Tue Jul 2 4:49am
    What a Hellish 6 months. Everything hit me right about New Years. I have not crawled back and don't think I will. Mort. thinks I did too much at Christmas but I don't think so. I just sat with tables ... more
    • SOOGEE!!! Always good to see you here!sher (MadMacMar), Wed Jul 10 12:00pm
      I knew you had been ill, but didn't know the full extent. We are ALWAYS glad to see you, you are our maven! Our heroine! Our Zoo mama! and we love you ;-)
    • Hey!!Kay, Thu Jul 4 10:06am
      Yes, so glad to see you back on the Zoo! Kay
    • SO GOOD TO SEE THIS!Karan and Holly , Thu Jul 4 1:37am
      Hell YES we missed you! And worried about you. Glad Wally is helping. Wishing you the very best.
    • So great to hear from you. Yayayay for the Zoo sisterhood. (nm) — Swarl, Wed Jul 3 9:32am
    • oh my gosh, you are back!!!!Vera, Wed Jul 3 5:27am
      Dear Susan, I think I am speaking for all of us when I say we all missed you. There is not one day going by I am not thinking of you because I have some of your little presents on my window sill... more
    • I am so glad to see you back. A lot of people were very worried about you. I hope that the numbness in your hands improves soon. Our hands are wonderful marvelous creations and I know you must miss... more
    • Soogee! How wonderful to see you on the Zoo!Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Tue Jul 2 9:37am
      Sorry you have had so many health issues. Glad the zoo is some support and encouragement. And that your Wally is still the enthusiastic guy, giving you his encouragement too.
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