vicki zoe zinc zed zemo zinnia zailey
This makes my heart ache! I went thru this with
Wed Jul 3, 2019 11:13am

Zeus. Did the surgery, 19 radiation treatments and still lost him within 6 months. I am so sorry I put him thru the radiation and made his last months even more uncomfortable and painful. It is an individual call you make with your heart, mind and gut. It sucks and is just plain unfair! Hugs to you and your friend. My heart goes out to all.

  • Need some advice My friends goldendoodlePeggy(Rocky), Mon Jun 24 8:51am
    is 9 1/2yrs.old and had anal cancer about 3 weeks ago removed. Now the report came back he still has cancer. She is so upset and doesn't know what to do about chemo. Please any opinions are welcomed.
    • This makes my heart ache! I went thru this with — vicki zoe zinc zed zemo zinnia zailey, Wed Jul 3 11:13am
    • I am so very sorryVera, Fri Jun 28 4:19am
      for the struggle of your friends and my heart goes out to their dog. It is a terrible decision, but I would let him go peacefully. Even if money is not an issue, putting a dog almost 10 years old... more
    • She has to choose. No advice. For myself ->Swarl, Tue Jun 25 5:00pm
      Id keep him comfortable and let him go. Unless the side effects of the chemo are minimal, and it is a short course. Mostly I think this kind of prolonging life is for us not them. It is our fear of... more
      • I feel so fortunate that we haven't had theLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Wed Jun 26 12:38am
        chemo option available. What a tough decision. Sending her and her doodle lots of hugs for a difficult situation. She may need more information. How much time does he have? What does her vet suggest?
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