Trish Mears
Mast Cell Tumor
Fri Jul 5, 2019 1:41pm

Kay...I've never posted here before but I do have experience with a grade 2 mast cell tumor. My labradoodle Murphy had a low grade 2 tumor ( there are low grade and high grade tumors). His vet was able to get good clear margins and he did not require further treatment. He was diagnosed at 6 and is now 14. Here's hoping for an equally positive outcome for Rowan!

  • Rowan has Mast Cell CancerKay, Fri Jul 5 1:09pm
    Rowan had a Mast Cell Tumor removed three weeks ago...Stage 2. She had to wear a cone for three weeks and was so amazingly good, but it was tough. The vet said she could have months or years, that... more
    • Our very best to you and RowanLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Sun Jul 7 8:36pm
      I have no experience with mast cell tumors, but sure wish you two the best of luck.
    • Mast Cell Tumor — Trish Mears, Fri Jul 5 1:41pm
      • Hoping your outcome is Kathy (from WI), Tue Jul 9 7:07am
        Like the best of those here, a long healthy life!
      • Rowan has Mast Cell CancerKay Loveland, Fri Jul 5 3:24pm
        Hey, Thanks so much. Rowan has a low mitotic factor but we are not sure about the clean margins in one area as he would have had to cut the muscle and did not want to cripple her. We are not doing... more
      • Mast Cell AgainTrish Mears, Fri Jul 5 1:43pm
        Oops...should have said stage 2 not grade 2. Murphy's stage 2 was a low grade one.
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