Dangers of xylitol
Tue Jul 9, 2019 5:35pm

Hi everyone,

I know, I know. I've been absent for many months. I am worthy of punishment. Ten lashes with a dog's tail for me!

My excuse is that we have moved. We are no longer living in California, but have relocated to Victoria, BC, CANADA.

I promise to share some pictures very soon. But first, I wanted to share this reminder from FDA about the dangers of xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs. Please take a moment, follow this link and also watch the linked video.


    • Do U Remember?InventingJoy, Sat Jul 20 2:01am
      Hey Phyllis, You were with Quintzy. I was dancing on the stage with Xena at Spreckles theater in Balboa Park?lesson: Its illegal for a, 100 lb,5 ft woman with a fabulous, talented dog, to threaten... more
      • Your BooksInventingJoy, Sat Jul 20 2:10am
        Hey Phyllis, are any of your books out audio yet?
    • You just keep moving from one lovely place to another!Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Tue Jul 9 8:12pm
      Congratulations on Victoria!
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