Lucky to have Abbey Rose
Grain Free foods
Tue Jul 9, 2019 5:36pm

This update came out last week:
The update lists 16 foods that have increased occurrence of DCM.

Honestly, I have read several articles and all of the fda reports plus a journal article and the connection is so tenuous, I wouldn't be concerned EXCEPT for the fact that we saw our vet today for 6-month check-up and he implored me to change Abbey's (grain free Honest Kitchen) food asap. I think he is just being an alarmist and I don't really want to change her food. She has done so well on it.

What are folks doing... Changing foods, waiting & watching, adding supplements, etc.?

    • Re: Grain Free foodsDale (Gracie RIP) & Reagan, Tue Jul 9 7:30pm
      I have read several articles as well. I debated this for sometime, and decided to change foods. My vet told me the same thing when we went in for new puppy check. She actually told me to take Reagan... more
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