Dale (Gracie RIP) & Reagan
Re: Grain Free foods
Tue Jul 9, 2019 7:30pm

I have read several articles as well. I debated this for sometime, and decided to change foods.

My vet told me the same thing when we went in for new puppy check. She actually told me to take Reagan off of grain free food immediately. She sent me home with a free sample bag of Royal Canin. Reagan was eating Taste of the Wild, and I decided to switch her on my own to a grain free with no legumes. I am very happy with new food so far and so is Reagan. Now I can stop stressing about if I am going to put my puppy at risk for heart failure.

  • Grain Free foodsLucky to have Abbey Rose, Tue Jul 9 5:36pm
    This update came out last week: https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/cvm-updates/fda-provides-third-status-report-investigation-potential-connection-between-certain-diets-and-cases The update lists... more
    • Re: Grain Free foods — Dale (Gracie RIP) & Reagan, Tue Jul 9 7:30pm
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