Glad to be remembered
Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:19pm

Thank you for your warm messages everybody it feels good that I'm remembered and cared about I like the comment that we are doodle family I found a temporary solution one of the local humane societies have a program where for two weeks they will care for your dog. I play solo yesterday iJoy I'm sad to be without here but I think she's getting good care in fact I think very good care. So I've got 2 weeks Rich to find solution and maybe I'll be better by then. Hey vera I'm sorry you're also facing hard times. I remember the wonderful conversations we all used to have which made us family even today after long term Mia's .... those were the days my friends la la la. When I think about my problems , thinking how I fail I'm just thankful very very glad that I'm not facing the life off Angela Merkel . That's supposed to be a poem LOL Please excuse typos I also have problems with my hands so I'm doing a lot of dictating lately which leaves Google open to having better ideas when I'm so I bought a couple of weeks and maybe I'll be better by then or can find a place that has a better attitude toward dogs. Taking suggestions from anyone who knows of a place in and around San Diego.At least I haven't lost my optimism. Puppy love to everyone from inventing Joy

  • a lot of us remember youVera, Fri Jul 12 1:02pm
    sure we remember you, Joy. It is sad that you have to come back to the zoo with really bad news. But I am glad you remember the zoo. We are a doodle family. Unfortunately I can't offer you anything,... more
    • Glad to be remembered — InventingJoy, Sat Jul 13 4:19pm
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