lucyr (Ozzie'smom)
Thank you, SooGee
Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:56pm

I have stopped counting the number of birthdays that you have remembered. Very much appreciate being remembered on this last one (A BIGGIE!). The best part of something in the mail from you is opening the package, only to see the most beautiful and creative wrapping. Makes you reluctant to open your surprise. But I did and I love it. Thank you so much for being a friend over all these years. XXOO from Lucy and Ozzie

    • Such a sweet 'thank you' and verySoogee and Wally, Fri Jul 19 10:39pm
      nice to receive and read. It makes the effort worth all the work. It started out with a very simple black stamp which quickly progressed to more stamps and a more complicated flower design. You would ... more
    • She is the best.Shelley - Willow Grace, Wed Jul 17 10:26am
      I recently received a package from her. the wrapping and card envelope is always so special! Thanks again SooGee!
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