Mac so special
Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:30am

I'm still grieving Xena. For those who may not know or remember, Mac & Xena were littermates. The first GiantSchnoodle puppies. It never occured to me when I first started the breed that 15 years down the road I'd be saying goodbye to my dogs & my grandpups & sharing grief wi my schnoodle, doodle family. I am getting emails from all over the world. But Xena & Mac were the first & they were magnificent. It is so painful & yet,I am grateful to have had those special years, those special times. So many times people have looked at my dogs with envy but share their decision: "the loss of my dog was so painful, I could never get another dog." They never did. I remember when I was about 7, I read a poem: (author anyone?) "Is it better to have loved & lost, than to never to have loved at all?" I remember the moment I consciously made the decision to love. For me, the pain, as much as it hurts, is worth every minute for the gain. I made the life decision as a very young child. In retrospect I'm glad I did. For me it was the right, the only decision.How has that decision for all of you? Did you make a conscious decision? Is yours the right decision for you? For you gorgeous young babes who's hair isn't yet gray,who's boobs are still perky lol, you may not yet know, but what's your best guess? Puppy love Inventing Joy & Furry Folk, both here & those barking from the rainbow bridge Shsssss. Quiet quiet , no don't be quiet! PS Zola seems to be doing well in her temporary home. I've come to learn, the vet was right on. Zola had a perfect assessment of the manager. Life Lesson: Always listen to & believe the dog!

  • I wish that I was closer to help.Kelly and Roni, Sun Jul 14 12:29am
    I miss Mac terribly! I still have Roni, my 2 cats, and only 1 foster currently. Good luck!!
    • Mac so special — InventingJoy, Sat Jul 20 1:30am
      • Mac and XenaKelly and Roni, Tue Jul 23 12:26am
        I used to always love hearing about Xena. I felt a connection with her spirit. She and Mac were so much alike. Mac taught himself the dinner dance. I sure wish that I had it on video. It was very... more
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