Do U Remember?
Sat Jul 20, 2019 2:01am

Hey Phyllis, You were with Quintzy. I was dancing on the stage with Xena at Spreckles theater in Balboa Park?lesson: Its illegal for a, 100 lb,5 ft woman with a fabulous, talented dog, to threaten the world by dancing on the stage in a public park without a permit. Cops marched up to the stage & I had to talk them out of arresting me. I thought jail might be an interesting new adventure until they threatened to call animal control & lock up Xena. They were actually serious! San Diego PD, no sense of humor or appreciation for the arts. When I recovered from the shock & awe, another life decision: I'd do it again if my body was up to it. Who knows, it could yet happen. Watch out SDPD!!. I'm doing my stretching, getting out of wheelchair & We now have internet to give viral bad press to San Diego! Puppy love Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

  • Dangers of xylitolPhyllis/Shalom, Tue Jul 9 5:35pm
    Hi everyone, I know, I know. I've been absent for many months. I am worthy of punishment. Ten lashes with a dog's tail for me! My excuse is that we have moved. We are no longer living in California,... more
    • Do U Remember? — InventingJoy, Sat Jul 20 2:01am
      • Your BooksInventingJoy, Sat Jul 20 2:10am
        Hey Phyllis, are any of your books out audio yet?
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