Kelly and Roni
Mac and Xena
Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:26am

I used to always love hearing about Xena. I felt a connection with her spirit. She and Mac were so much alike. Mac taught himself the dinner dance. I sure wish that I had it on video. It was very complex. He used to entertain John and I nightly. He was a dog with a real sense of humor. He had the largest vocabulary of any dog that I have owned. When the animal communicator came to our house shortly before he passed she said the same thing. She said he was a very wise dog. I am so glad that I had her come when his days were getting short. It comforted me to know that he knew his time was near, and that it was OK. He knew that I would make the right decision for him. He said that I was his heart and John was his rock. That meant a lot to John.

  • Mac so specialInventingJoy, Sat Jul 20 1:30am
    I'm still grieving Xena. For those who may not know or remember, Mac & Xena were littermates. The first GiantSchnoodle puppies. It never occured to me when I first started the breed that 15 years... more
    • Mac and Xena — Kelly and Roni, Tue Jul 23 12:26am
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