Road Trip - Raspberry Lane
Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:43am

We went on a road trip today to "Raspberry Lane" (Road 582 - Open Draw). Everybody loved it.

I call it "Raspberry Lane" because it has loads of wild raspberry bushes. In the fall, you can eat and walk, eat and walk. So much fun.

Here are some videos from the trip.

2019-07-21 582 Road Trip
Frosty and Icy having fun on a road trip. 00040

2019-07-21 582 Running in a Beautiful Setting
Frosty and Icy running in a beautiful setting on Road 582. 00037

2019-07-21 Water Break
Water Break. Barney had already had his, so he gave me a smile. 00035

    • They are so cute! (nm)Shelley - Willow Grace, Thu Jul 25 4:48pm
    • I love to see your adventuresVera, Thu Jul 25 4:08am
      I love to see moving pictures of them. So much fun. I especially enjoy Frosty, her tails looks exactly like Jerry's tail. Curled up. Great hair do for romping in the woods and fields. Joey got his... more
      • Glad you like the photos!SD&B, Thu Jul 25 4:40pm
        I do like Frosty's tail. I thought I wouldn't care for it, but it's starting to grow on me. My favorite is still the classic saber tail like Sundog had, but Frosty's tail is fun too. I call it her... more
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