O.k. Carpet is wet. I did blot it some, and find some
Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:05pm

spots that still smelled of ammonia. Will re-Apply. But, I came into the room about an hour later and there were two neat (thankfully) poops. Aaargh. It is clear we will have to get new carpet after Mugsy goes. No hurry on that score, however.

  • Mugsy has been peeing and now with the humidity it is really bad. I clean each spot when it happens with soap, water, and Eliminate. It usually works fine. We tried a carpet cleaner and the bad spots ... more
    • Looking for a pee reportInventingJoy, Sat Aug 3 5:31pm
      H Swarl, What did u do & how did it work? Are u going to get a pee report on FB?
    • O.k. Carpet is wet. I did blot it some, and find some — Swarl, Wed Jul 24 7:05pm
      • Oh, I forgot to sayInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 7:18pm
        Oh oh! Keep all animals out of the room for a week or 2 until the carpet & underpad dry themselves out. Can you hear the little miracle enzymes eating the smell LOL? Work on potty training in the... more
        • Problem is - Aging dog, not potty trainingSwarl, Thu Jul 25 8:15pm
          Thanks for the suggestions.
          • agingInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 8:25pm
            You may have already, but have vet check for cushings. No suggested solutions. Try camping in van w a dog w cushings. NOT fun. I found it helpful to have a doggy door if she's able to predict.... more
            • oh and yesInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 8:27pm
              and invest in Natures miracle LOL
        • Oh, I forgot to sayInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 7:19pm
          and do some more heavy vaccination into the underpad of the poop spots.
    • I am also a big fan of Nature's Miracle.Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Jul 24 6:47am
      I haven't found anything that even comes close to working as well. You have to soak the area and let it dry. Don't blot it or scrub it. Do this 2 or 3 times.
    • urine smell System w a differenceInventingJoy, Tue Jul 23 2:37pm
      I use nature's Miracle too, but get a syringe used for injecting thanksgiving turkey cooking dept 99cent or Daiwson or walmart or?. Fill it wi Nature's Miracle .Inject the underpad. Use lots( I... more
    • urine smelljoanne, Mon Jul 22 8:38pm
      Try cleaning with Nature's Miracle.
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