Glad you like the photos!
Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:40pm

I do like Frosty's tail. I thought I wouldn't care for it, but it's starting to grow on me. My favorite is still the classic saber tail like Sundog had, but Frosty's tail is fun too. I call it her handle, lol.

Oh my, I would not have liked looking for ticks on Sundog or Barney. I can only imagine how hard it would be to find those creepy little pests in dark hair.

Like you, I have also found the short hair to really help with burrs. Much fewer of the burrs stick in the hair and it's easier to get out any that do stick in the hair. I am definitely a short coat fan.

Yes, we choose our road trip times and locations very carefully for Barney so that he has a good time too. Even though this heart murmur slows him down and makes him heat sensitive, he still loves getting out there. We enjoy his company on the road trips so much. He's about 13.5 years old now.

  • I love to see your adventuresVera, Thu Jul 25 4:08am
    I love to see moving pictures of them. So much fun. I especially enjoy Frosty, her tails looks exactly like Jerry's tail. Curled up. Great hair do for romping in the woods and fields. Joey got his... more
    • Glad you like the photos! — SD&B, Thu Jul 25 4:40pm
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