Shelley - Willow Grace
They are so cute! (nm)
Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:48pm

  • Road Trip - Raspberry LaneSD&B, Tue Jul 23 12:43am
    We went on a road trip today to "Raspberry Lane" (Road 582 - Open Draw). Everybody loved it. I call it "Raspberry Lane" because it has loads of wild raspberry bushes. In the fall, you can eat and... more
    • They are so cute! (nm) — Shelley - Willow Grace, Thu Jul 25 4:48pm
    • I love to see your adventuresVera, Thu Jul 25 4:08am
      I love to see moving pictures of them. So much fun. I especially enjoy Frosty, her tails looks exactly like Jerry's tail. Curled up. Great hair do for romping in the woods and fields. Joey got his... more
      • Glad you like the photos!SD&B, Thu Jul 25 4:40pm
        I do like Frosty's tail. I thought I wouldn't care for it, but it's starting to grow on me. My favorite is still the classic saber tail like Sundog had, but Frosty's tail is fun too. I call it her... more
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