Oh, I forgot to say
Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:18pm

Oh oh! Keep all animals out of the room for a week or 2 until the carpet & underpad dry themselves out. Can you hear the little miracle enzymes eating the smell LOL? Work on potty training in the mean time. I wrote a book on it which is somewhere in my computer. On request I'll try & find it & let you know when I find it. Puppy Love Inventing Joy Furry Folk

  • spots that still smelled of ammonia. Will re-Apply. But, I came into the room about an hour later and there were two neat (thankfully) poops. Aaargh. It is clear we will have to get new carpet after... more
    • Oh, I forgot to say — InventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 7:18pm
      • Problem is - Aging dog, not potty trainingSwarl, Thu Jul 25 8:15pm
        Thanks for the suggestions.
        • agingInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 8:25pm
          You may have already, but have vet check for cushings. No suggested solutions. Try camping in van w a dog w cushings. NOT fun. I found it helpful to have a doggy door if she's able to predict.... more
          • oh and yesInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 8:27pm
            and invest in Natures miracle LOL
      • Oh, I forgot to sayInventingJoy, Thu Jul 25 7:19pm
        and do some more heavy vaccination into the underpad of the poop spots.
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