Kate & Maci aka HRH **tragic news**
Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:11am

Most of you know Kate and Maci
I know she probably doesn't want all this attention, but she can do with a lot of doodle love and power right now.
Her husband Joey died, he lost the battle with cancer.
This is now her second husband she lost.
May be you can reach out to her, by phone, mail, e-mail, facebook.
My heart is breaking for her. They just moved to her beloved FL, they made the new house a home. And Joey is no longer at her side now.

    • Re: Kate & Maci aka HRH **tragic news**Anonymous, Sun Aug 4 3:44pm
      So terribly sad & why we need community support to turn to.
    • What the Hell happens when I'm offSoogee and Wally, Wed Jul 31 10:40pm
      line for a few days? My head is spinning at this news. When I read your post I felt such a stab in my gut at this news. Oh, poor Kate. My heart breaks for her. I hate hearing of such terrible news. I ... more
      • your name is not blue, butVera, Thu Aug 1 2:13am
        I will email you her new address in FL
        • Can you email me her address too?SD&B, Fri Aug 2 10:46pm
          I still have the NJ address. Anything should forward, but I'd like to send to the correct address.
          • I don't have your email addressVera, Sun Aug 4 9:17am
            pls email me. Tx
            • Vera, Please resend that address forSoogee and Wally, Tue Aug 13 4:27am
              as I could not fine it in my email. Thanks.
              • may be you have a new address???Vera, Tue Aug 13 6:40am
                I have been writing to you on and off, but never got a response. I mean, I didn't really expect one, it was just to let you know that I am thinking of you but not replying is so not you so may be you ... more
                • Oy, era, give me your last name, mySoogee and Wally, Tue Aug 13 11:17pm
                  brain is fried. I am still at the same email address. Since my last attack I have not really been reading my email. I could not concentrate. Sorry. Most of my mail went unread. I could not force... more
            • I don't have yours either.SD&B, Sun Aug 4 4:54pm
              How could that happen? Anyway, I checked the email address box. If that doesn't work it is dstaud99xxxathotmail Remove the xxx and replace at with @ and put a .com on the end.
    • Thanks, VeraLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Jul 31 12:25am
      Thank you for letting us know. Such sad news. My heart breaks for Kate.
    • Thanks. (nm)Shelley - Willow Grace, Tue Jul 30 9:25pm
    • please read this, too!Vera, Tue Jul 30 6:13am
      do not reach out to her through the doodle zoo. I don't think Kate frequents the zoo any longer. So please get in touch with her directly, phone, e-mail, mail, facebook.
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