will the Zoo go offline???
Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:11am

I heard that all these discussion platforms will be shut down.
Is this really true?

    • What's happening?? I go off line forSoogee and Wally, Wed Jul 31 11:06pm
      a few days and the world changes when I'm not watching. What is this about 'going off line' and no more Zoo?? Someone explain it to me, Please
      • Soogee, the owners of DiscApps are shutting downsher (MadMacMar), Thu Aug 1 1:20pm
        The Zoo has existed here, along with many other groups that utilize the DiscApps platform, since our inception. But since the entire platform is being shutdown in October, we must move. See my... more
    • The Zoo is very much part of my lifeLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Jul 31 6:54pm
      I can hardly bear this news. I have been around even before it was the zoo. Have met and made so many friends here. It will be hard to keep up without the Zoo. The Zoo has been my sounding board for... more
    • Yes .... came as a shock to us allSher (MadMacMar), Wed Jul 31 7:37am
      This group has been around 14 years and many pups have come (and sadly left us) in those 14 years. Iím not sure what we here will do, Iíll be in touch with the mods for their thoughts. We DO have a... more
    • I have heard the same thing.SD&B, Wed Jul 31 4:23am
      One of the other doodle discussion forums I am on is already down. I've heard the discussion platforms that host this forum will shut down by/in October. Facebook is just too powerful. :(
      • Pls no no no fbInventingJoy, Thu Aug 1 9:15pm
        Hi everyone i2 I'm sad and disappointed and I probably shouldn't even have a safe cuz I haven't been around much but if I do have a say is please please please no Facebook. Can we search for another... more
        • Hi, Joy!SD&B, Fri Aug 2 10:44pm
          I understand your concern. Technology, data security, and control issues become more of a concern everyday. Facebook has a lot of disadvantages. However, it seems to be the best answer, maybe not a... more
      • I am very sadVera, Wed Jul 31 5:25am
        the zoo is somewhat like my family. we can come here and talk about stuff I have mentioned things here I would never ever put on FB I am very sad
        • I totally agree.SD&B, Wed Jul 31 6:54am
          I don't post much on fb. The people who see the posts there are different than the people who see posts here. Here is what I consider a safe space. Very sad indeed. I'm going to miss the Zoo.
          • Private groups on FBKelly, and Roni, Thu Aug 1 12:19am
            I do belong to a couple of private groups on FB. Only the members of the group see the posts. It is sad though. Mac recently passed at almost 16. He grew up with the zoo.
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