sher (MadMacMar)
Private FB group is the way I'm leaning
Thu Aug 1, 2019 1:14pm

This is all so new and early, but TheDoodleZoo does have a FB page that really never saw much traffic. I'm resurrecting it, with Ann's help,and we may be migrating there.

You can find the FB group now at:

I'm not interested in competing with any other Doodle pages, there are so very many, some with tens of thousands of people! I'd just like to put up a space where Zoo people from forever ago, as well as "Zoo Newbies" can feel free to share.

Stay tuned ... and feel free to join in at the current FB page and I'll approve you!

  • Private groups on FBKelly, and Roni, Thu Aug 1 12:19am
    I do belong to a couple of private groups on FB. Only the members of the group see the posts. It is sad though. Mac recently passed at almost 16. He grew up with the zoo.
    • Private FB group is the way I'm leaning — sher (MadMacMar), Thu Aug 1 1:14pm
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