I would join a FB Zoo.
Thu Aug 1, 2019 4:24pm

Thank you for resurrecting it. It's not really the same as the old (this) Zoo, but if it's private and we have the Zoo family, then I think that will suffice. I would miss the Zooers.

Thanks again.

  • Vera, a private FB group may be an option for ussher (MadMacMar), Thu Aug 1 1:17pm
    I don't want to even attempt to compete with any of the myriad of FB doodle groups that exist, some with tens of thousands of members (no thank you!). I would like to maybe utilize "TheDoodleZoo" FB... more
    • that's a good idea!!Vera, Fri Aug 2 2:34am
      I have created a doodle book worm group on Facebook. doodle friends who like to read. the group is very small, you can only join by request. it is not very busy and everyone knows each other through... more
    • The Zoo was where I discovered a love for Doodles and knew..Mitzi, Rowley & Sawyer(rip), Thu Aug 1 8:15pm
      we should be a Doodle family. You all were a huge support when our dear Sawyer passed away at 5yo, and there for us when we brought home a very sick Rowley. A private FB would be wonderful!
    • I would join a FB Zoo. — SD&B, Thu Aug 1 4:24pm
    • EXCELLENT IDEA!LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Thu Aug 1 3:52pm
      Karan and I were just chatting on-line about that possibility. It's not ideal, but better than nothing. I do not want to lose my Zoo family! I also wonder if there are other web hosting sites that... more
      • Zoo moveInventingJoy, Tue Aug 6 2:21am
        Lucy, I will work with you to find other sites which are safer & less likely to exploit our personal info which makes us extremely vulnerable when we share. Puppy love Inventing Joy & Furry Folk
      • Zoo MoveInventingJoy, Tue Aug 6 2:17am
        I plan to post something wi more meat soon. But I'm torn. It looks like all are committed. For me, Who wants to have a party where nobody comes? & Why should I spend my time? But if I don't warn... more
      • Great ideaAnne-Marie + Mira, Thu Aug 1 7:40pm
        I loved the zoo! And since FB took off I have not been very active. A closed fb group would be awesome as most of us old time doodle zoo people are already there. I have made some wonderful... more
      • my opinion on the upsides of utilizing FB Closed grpsher (MadMacMar), Thu Aug 1 4:08pm
        Since almost all of us are probably on FB in one form or another, it would eliminate having to go to a separate space/URL to interact with the Zoo. I actually had someone suggest to me this morning... more
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