Pls no no no fb
Thu Aug 1, 2019 9:15pm

Hi everyone i2 I'm sad and disappointed and I probably shouldn't even have a safe cuz I haven't been around much but if I do have a say is please please please no Facebook. Can we search for another forum? The problem with giving all of our lives over the Facebook is that we are losing any control that we have over our lives Facebook decides to shut us down and there's no place to go we are doa.I mean overwhelmed with all my chill things as well as illness and all that but I'll do my best to research and hopefully people have more experience than I could make some suggestions of something that we could all agree on other than Facebook. I have recently had an experience with Google who owns everything that has been absolutely devastating somebody hacked my YouTube channel with Kitty porn. I reported it they shut me down like I'm the perpetrator like I'm they the one who would be posting Kitty porn. When I reported it and we shut down the next day I'm talkin shut down my Gmail my contacts my maps my YouTube and this has legs I had difficulty getting into Twitter . I'm having a problem contacting my pharmacy by email.please be warned do not put all your eggs in a Google basket or a Facebook basket. I don't have a simple answer but we have enough really smart knowledgeable people in our group that can come up with something else. BTW I seldom use Facebook. I don't trust them with personal information, not the people the corporations.I could go on and on but I won't right now people want to know more email me I may also change my email with some things that are going on at Yahoo .I haven't had the time or the energy to do it all now. Please cut and paste this message and keep it just in case as some of my others have when I've had something unkind to say about the corporate Monopoly. And trust me these monopolies are all intrigal to each other.Google owns everything I've mentioned YouTube and all the others I've mentioned but not only in the USA all over the world.I would be delighted if somebody would prove me wrong I will join you in proving me wrong nothing could make me more relieved in happier but tragically my research shows that no matter how wrong I want to be,tragically I'm afraid I'm right. This has been going on for a long time but actually it's only the beginning of us being aware that were affected by it. We are intelligent knowledgeable powerful women and men. Let's do something about it before we don't have an option
I'm dictating this so there are a lot of typos but you get the gist puppy love love inventing Joy and furry folk

  • I have heard the same thing.SD&B, Wed Jul 31 4:23am
    One of the other doodle discussion forums I am on is already down. I've heard the discussion platforms that host this forum will shut down by/in October. Facebook is just too powerful. :(
    • Pls no no no fb — InventingJoy, Thu Aug 1 9:15pm
      • Hi, Joy!SD&B, Fri Aug 2 10:44pm
        I understand your concern. Technology, data security, and control issues become more of a concern everyday. Facebook has a lot of disadvantages. However, it seems to be the best answer, maybe not a... more
    • I am very sadVera, Wed Jul 31 5:25am
      the zoo is somewhat like my family. we can come here and talk about stuff I have mentioned things here I would never ever put on FB I am very sad
      • I totally agree.SD&B, Wed Jul 31 6:54am
        I don't post much on fb. The people who see the posts there are different than the people who see posts here. Here is what I consider a safe space. Very sad indeed. I'm going to miss the Zoo.
        • Private groups on FBKelly, and Roni, Thu Aug 1 12:19am
          I do belong to a couple of private groups on FB. Only the members of the group see the posts. It is sad though. Mac recently passed at almost 16. He grew up with the zoo.
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