alternative to the zoo ---- please all read!!!
Fri Aug 2, 2019 2:37am

I know we all are not too fond of taking the zoo to FB. but we will have no other choice.
And it's really not that bad.
I am hosting a doodle book worm group on facebook. It is private, you can only join by request. the group is small, only zoo members joined to share their readings. it doesn't move very fast.

I would volunteer to create a PRIVATE doodle zoo on facebook. You will have to have a facebook account though, which I know most zooer do.
I would post the link to the group here on the zoo before it shuts down.
and then you will have to ask for access to the zoo.

how does that sound? But we need to move quickly so we can post the new group here several times to catch all members. Not everyone checks in here every week.

    • I would be happy to help Jeannine, Fri Aug 2 6:50am
      I have actually wanted to do this for some time but didnít want to step on any toes. I love this group though I am mostly a stalker since Callie is gone. The ease of posting pics on FB. is great and... more
      • the zoo is on FB nowVera, Fri Aug 2 7:11am
        I am not sure if you find it by searching but if you give me your name on facebook, I will befriend you and invite you to the closed group on facebook.
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