Hi, Joy!
Fri Aug 2, 2019 10:44pm

I understand your concern. Technology, data security, and control issues become more of a concern everyday. Facebook has a lot of disadvantages. However, it seems to be the best answer, maybe not a great answer, to the issue of the Doodle Zoo losing its current host. Many of the former Zooers are already on Facebook and have already joined the Facebook Zoo page. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. I just don't have a better answer myself. If you think of one, I'm sure we are all willing to listen. If a better option comes along later, at least many of us will be reachable on the FB Zoo page.

Yep. Never put complete trust in Facebook or Google. I have to agree with that.

  • Pls no no no fbInventingJoy, Thu Aug 1 9:15pm
    Hi everyone i2 I'm sad and disappointed and I probably shouldn't even have a safe cuz I haven't been around much but if I do have a say is please please please no Facebook. Can we search for another... more
    • Hi, Joy! — SD&B, Fri Aug 2 10:44pm
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