sher (MadMacMar)
Soogee, I answered you on FB d I will here too, love
Sat Aug 3, 2019 11:03am

We are not closing the Zoo, the people who operate the DiscApps forums (all of them) are closing all of the forums effective 10/31/19. We have had no input, and because we do not pay for this service, we have no real say in what the owners choose to do.

I'm sure with almost everything running off of Facebook now, that it simply became inefficient for them.

Here is a link to TheDoodleZoo on Facebook, and if you go there, you will see that a ton of people from here, both old and new, have already found us! We had 4 members 48 hours ago, and we are now up to 135! Come on over, it won't be the same without you!

  • Can someone PLEASE tell me whatSoogee and Wally, Sat Aug 3 4:36am
    is happening? I come on to find that the Zoo is closing. What happened? I live here...have I lost the key to my home? I love the Zoo and consider it home. What would I do without my home? Will... more
    • Soogee, I answered you on FB d I will here too, love — sher (MadMacMar), Sat Aug 3 11:03am
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