I don't have your email address
Sun Aug 4, 2019 9:17am

pls email me. Tx

  • Can you email me her address too?SD&B, Fri Aug 2 10:46pm
    I still have the NJ address. Anything should forward, but I'd like to send to the correct address.
    • I don't have your email address — Vera, Sun Aug 4 9:17am
      • Vera, Please resend that address forSoogee and Wally, Tue Aug 13 4:27am
        as I could not fine it in my email. Thanks.
        • may be you have a new address???Vera, Tue Aug 13 6:40am
          I have been writing to you on and off, but never got a response. I mean, I didn't really expect one, it was just to let you know that I am thinking of you but not replying is so not you so may be you ... more
          • Oy, era, give me your last name, mySoogee and Wally, Tue Aug 13 11:17pm
            brain is fried. I am still at the same email address. Since my last attack I have not really been reading my email. I could not concentrate. Sorry. Most of my mail went unread. I could not force... more
      • I don't have yours either.SD&B, Sun Aug 4 4:54pm
        How could that happen? Anyway, I checked the email address box. If that doesn't work it is dstaud99xxxathotmail Remove the xxx and replace at with @ and put a .com on the end.
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