Zoo move : This is IMPORTANT to our community!
Sun Aug 4, 2019 3:39pm

I appreciate you understanding & directly addressing my concern. I want to call a meeting of all of us Zooers, with input from the dogs LOL. I will post time & place if enough people say they are willing to discuss it. Meanwhile, I am asking you all to listen and to hold off making a decision & keep an open mind until till we discuss it. Also, please listen to yesterday's program on Reveal on NPR. Would some of you more sophisticated techi people pls post how to access the podcast? TO EVERYONE: Don't listen if you don't want to know what FB does with your personal info. Pls post if you want to be included in a meet & discuss & what times are good for you & include your time zone. We can meet by posting like always, or perhaps someone can suggest a more efficient real time forum for discussion. Suggestions anyone? Pls post if you want to meet & discuss. I'm willing to set it up with info & guidance for the techi s in the group, more knowledgeable than I (or should that me me? English majors?). I will do the copywrite for instructions how to participate. I'm really good at that, bcs by the time I figure out all the steps, I'm very good at explaining it LOL. Pls post if you want to be included in a meeting. Puppy lOve Inventing Joy

  • Hi, Joy!SD&B, Fri Aug 2 10:44pm
    I understand your concern. Technology, data security, and control issues become more of a concern everyday. Facebook has a lot of disadvantages. However, it seems to be the best answer, maybe not a... more
    • Zoo move : This is IMPORTANT to our community! — InventingJoy, Sun Aug 4 3:39pm
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