Soogee and Wally
Thank you, Sher for doing this. I got
Sun Aug 4, 2019 10:44pm

so upset when I had logged on the other day. I just can't loose my Zoo home, its where I live.

  • ** BIG ZOO UPDATE **sher (MadMacMar) aka Zookeeper Sher, Sat Aug 3 11:14am
    I found out a week ago that all of these forums hosted by, will be shut down effective 10/31/19. This site has always been here, but it has been hosted freely by the people who... more
    • Thank you, Sher for doing this. I got — Soogee and Wally, Sun Aug 4 10:44pm
    • Thank you, Sher.SD&B, Sun Aug 4 5:05pm
      There has been more activity on the FB Zoo in one week than there has been on this site in the last few months. I'm glad to see a lot of old friends there.
      • Isn't it unreal? sher(MadMacMar), Mon Aug 5 7:25am
        I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed every post! And now I get to see the owners too!
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