Breeders for Mini Goldendoodles
Sun Sep 8, 2019 5:49pm

Hey Folks,

We're looking at getting a Miniature Goldendoodle from a breeder in Spokane, WA, either Solid Gold Doodles, Mountain Doodles, or Golden Acres Doodles. I'm hoping to hear from some of you if you've worked with them or have any perspectives on my questions. Solid Gold and Mountain are the cheapest at $1,800, but I have some reservations about them both, though the reservations may be based in ignorance.

With Mountain, their guarantee is only for one year, and I'm not sure if that is long enough for any health issues to come to light. The other two have a guarantee for two years.

With Solid Gold they don't do any health testing on the parents. They said it was a philosophical issues or something. They did say they have had the parents for several generations so they know there aren't any health issues. Would this cause you pause or alarm?

Golden Acres is more expensive but there isn't anything that causes me pause. Have any of you worked with them before?


    • Hi BrandonShelley - Willow Grace, Fri Sep 13 8:37pm
      Head on over to Facebook and look up thedoodlezoo. They have all shifted over there as this site is going away soon, you may get an answer there.
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