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11 year old to college
Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:25pm (XFF: unknown)

    • Quietly doing thisSherri L, Tue Sep 4 12:00am
      DD (10) is homeschooled and taking her first online non-credit course. By 11, she could take 2 courses and is MG- HG. We all quietly do this. I don't think a college class at 11 is anything special,... more
      • Re: Quietly doing thisHanna, Tue Sep 4 7:31am
        I think their point is he will be attending (matriculated) college next year at age 12, and if he gets admitted to Brown or Middlebury- that would actually be quite shocking. I highly doubt that a... more
        • I've been following this article with interest though I admit I know absolutely nothing about this particular kid. I do agree with Hanna that it is very rare for a child of 12 to be admitted to a top ... more
          • Good infoSherri L, Sat Sep 8 9:39pm
            I never realized that, and it's good to know. I have been going along thinking that scores, accomplishments, extracurricular activities etc. would do it if they were at a high enough level...
        • College nameSherri L, Wed Sep 5 3:09pm
          I thought you posted these for discussion in general and maybe how it applies to us. I haven't seen any relationship to the name of the college attended and success in the working world. It is... more
          • Re: College nameHanna, Wed Sep 5 3:53pm
            I am confused about what you are saying. I DO post these articles for discussion and how it may apply to us. I don't think I implied that there is a relationship to the name of college attended and... more
            • Was in a hurry to get a discussion goingSherri L, Wed Sep 5 4:32pm
              I was trying to expand the focus to US and away from this particular child as a point of discussion and to get away from the "good article" comments that usually happen after you post! I skimmed the... more
              • Thanks for clarifying...but chickens?
                • animal houseSherri L, Wed Sep 5 9:46pm
                  Yeah, chickens - it's been that kind of week! DH and DD went to the state fair and came home with them. We use them for eggs... We also have had frogs in the bathtub for three years, a turtle in an... more
              • Early entranceSherri L, Wed Sep 5 4:51pm
                My comment about it not being a big deal for younger kids to enter college stems from recent experience. I know several homeschooling families with regular kids who all started college p/t at 16 and... more
        • Wondering why you think thatmcubed, Tue Sep 4 9:21am
          I was wondering why you think he would have problems getting into Brown or Middlebury. I know the boy. He is very personable, quite well-rounded, and would fit in nicely with the students at either... more
          • ReasonHanna, Tue Sep 4 11:27am
            I have seen him on TV and he seems to have all the attributes you mention. I don't question his intelligence or well-roundedness, but I have never heard of an Ivy or equivalent school accepting a... more
            • That's not trueGG, Tue Sep 4 11:24pm
              Sho Yano was admitted to a Ph.D./M.D. program at the University of Chicago (this is a program that is fully funded and I believe might also have a stipend). I'm pretty sure it's tougher to get... more
              • Re: That's not trueHanna, Wed Sep 5 6:30am
                Firstly, I am speaking of undergrad, secondly, I am speaking of recent history. Thirdly, I am speaking of a top ranked school. Sidis attended Harvard in the early 1900s. Wolf graduated Yale in 1945,... more
              • Oh, and I should add...GG, Tue Sep 4 11:27pm
                that it is very rare for a student 12 and under to *apply* to a top college, so you wouldn't expect many to be admitted. For one thing, most families would have to move for the child to attend a top... more
                • Sorry...names of early college gradsmcubed, Thu Sep 6 4:37pm
                  Chi-Bin Chien, Ph.D. (b. 1965); B.A. 1981, Johns Hopkins University Erik Demaine, started college courses at 12, and received his doctorate at 20 and at the same age Steve Lu:Started studying at... more
                  • Re: Sorry...names of early college gradsHanna, Thu Sep 6 7:16pm
                    The only one you mentioned that bolsters your argument is Chien and as GG mentioned, we don't know how old he was when he began. As an aside, that was over a quarter of a century ago. I read... more
                  • Hanna has a point, thoughGG, Thu Sep 6 6:30pm
                    Did Chi-Bin Chien start college at 12 or earlier? He graduated at 15 years, 7 months of age, but he might have finished his degree in under 2.5 years (it's not typical by any means, but some have... more
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