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Sat Sep 1, 2007 10:47pm (XFF: unknown)

My daughter began first grade this year in our public school giftd program, after completing kindergarten at a private school.

This will be my first experience dealing with the public school system and so far, she really likes her teacher and loves going to school. There are only 6 children in her gifted class, which I was very pleased about since she only had 7 in her kindergarten class. I like her teacher very much and she seems to be very knowledgable regarding gifted kids. We are already working on a project and making a puppet for a presentation in class.

My question is how often should I check in with the teacher on her progress? I want to ensure she is being given challenging work and keep an eye on her progress.

    • Hi "Tap"Hanna, Sun Sep 2 8:12am
      Wow, those are small classes! I would let her be, and not check in until P/T conference time which is usually in November. Assume that if your child is enjoying school and you are pleased with what... more
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