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depends on the situation....
Mon Sep 3, 2007 10:54am (XFF: unknown)

I'm kind of an antsy person, though. If I didn't hear back from them within one school day, I'd probably follow up with either another email or a phone call. Something along the lines of "oh, I think my email must have gotten sent to your junk folder, so...blah blah blah".

  • If you or your childHanna, Fri Aug 31 8:43am
    contacts their guidance counselor or teacher by email, how long should you give them before emailing them again? Or should you then call?
    • depends on the situation.... — kalamaras, Mon Sep 3 10:54am
      • I'm like that tooHanna, Mon Sep 3 12:18pm
        I think some people are just passive-agressive. They know you're waiting and ,well, too bad for you. I usually wait 2 days before I call again.
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