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Sherri L
Was in a hurry to get a discussion going
Wed Sep 5, 2007 4:32pm (XFF: unknown)

I was trying to expand the focus to US and away from this particular child as a point of discussion and to get away from the "good article" comments that usually happen after you post! I skimmed the article and posted quickly. It never sank in that certain colleges wouldn't accept early entrance students readily and I thought you were pointing out the "name" of the school, which I have never thought about as relevant - but I guess it is! I'm just way too much in a hurry today. Work, homeschool, soccer, chickens, friends over, greenhouse, arg!


DD has completed her first unit of the non-credit class through Colorado State University and it's our plan to use this as ammo to get the department chair at the local community college to approve her to take a "basic" computer class or typing. She has to pass their placement test (or get approval) if she is under 16 and math would be a problem for her to pass now. But I don't see it as relevant to her taking a typing or computer class... Then she wants to take some programming classes and maybe some gen ed online. By the time she is ready to go off to college, she'll be a transfer student or a graduate student and 18, so we don't plan to really have to deal with a 100% early entry.

  • Re: College nameHanna, Wed Sep 5 3:53pm
    I am confused about what you are saying. I DO post these articles for discussion and how it may apply to us. I don't think I implied that there is a relationship to the name of college attended and... more
    • Was in a hurry to get a discussion going — Sherri L, Wed Sep 5 4:32pm
      • Thanks for clarifying...but chickens?
        • animal houseSherri L, Wed Sep 5 9:46pm
          Yeah, chickens - it's been that kind of week! DH and DD went to the state fair and came home with them. We use them for eggs... We also have had frogs in the bathtub for three years, a turtle in an... more
      • Early entranceSherri L, Wed Sep 5 4:51pm
        My comment about it not being a big deal for younger kids to enter college stems from recent experience. I know several homeschooling families with regular kids who all started college p/t at 16 and... more
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