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Sherri L
Early entrance
Wed Sep 5, 2007 4:51pm (XFF: unknown)

My comment about it not being a big deal for younger kids to enter college stems from recent experience. I know several homeschooling families with regular kids who all started college p/t at 16 and entered f/t by 17. I recently attended a meeting at the community college for homeschoolers where they presented the topic “under 16 enrollment” and there were over 50 families there who anticipated their children would be ready to p/t college before age 16, and they didn’t even strike her as gifted. So that’s why I stated it’s not a big deal – college in general, not Ivy League and 12 yo. I do know that we, and others with kids who are academically advanced, are wasting lots of time waiting until the kids are “socially” ready as they’d be ready academically years earlier.

  • Was in a hurry to get a discussion goingSherri L, Wed Sep 5 4:32pm
    I was trying to expand the focus to US and away from this particular child as a point of discussion and to get away from the "good article" comments that usually happen after you post! I skimmed the... more
    • Thanks for clarifying...but chickens?
      • animal houseSherri L, Wed Sep 5 9:46pm
        Yeah, chickens - it's been that kind of week! DH and DD went to the state fair and came home with them. We use them for eggs... We also have had frogs in the bathtub for three years, a turtle in an... more
    • Early entrance — Sherri L, Wed Sep 5 4:51pm
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