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Sherri L
Get ready
Thu Sep 6, 2007 11:24am (XFF: unknown)

Start researching the books and curriculum now. You can buy them used for about 20% of the price on Amazon.com once you know what you want. It's not the end of the world if you have to do this. He is old enough to be self directed and can probably be done with his bachelor's or a good part of it before he even leaves home, saving you oodles of money. It is pretty easy to dual count HS and college for the advanced subjects in the junior and senior years and an official high school diploma isn't a problem if he is a transfer student.

  • Melt-downHanna, Thu Sep 6 9:07am
    DS is aready having melt-downs. Teacher quality this year is subpar. I am giving it one more week, then a school meeting, then, possibly, homeschool.
    • Get ready — Sherri L, Thu Sep 6 11:24am
      • Right nowHanna, Thu Sep 6 12:32pm
        I am just focusing on 8th grade. There are some private school options for high school. Middle school is such a drag.
        • Middle Schoolkalamaras, Fri Sep 7 9:31am
          is indeed a drag, from my own remembrances of jr. high. Those years are dark, especially for a non-conformist. Hope things settle down a bit, but it's good to know you have options.
          • Re: Middle SchoolHanna, Fri Sep 7 3:21pm
            It's not fun, even for conformists, I think. Unless you're at the top of the heap...it's often about who is friends with whom, what are you wearing , are you smart or dumb, fat or thin, tall or... more
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