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Right now
Thu Sep 6, 2007 12:32pm (XFF: unknown)

I am just focusing on 8th grade. There are some private school options for high school. Middle school is such a drag.

  • Get readySherri L, Thu Sep 6 11:24am
    Start researching the books and curriculum now. You can buy them used for about 20% of the price on Amazon.com once you know what you want. It's not the end of the world if you have to do this. He is ... more
    • Right now — Hanna, Thu Sep 6 12:32pm
      • Middle Schoolkalamaras, Fri Sep 7 9:31am
        is indeed a drag, from my own remembrances of jr. high. Those years are dark, especially for a non-conformist. Hope things settle down a bit, but it's good to know you have options.
        • Re: Middle SchoolHanna, Fri Sep 7 3:21pm
          It's not fun, even for conformists, I think. Unless you're at the top of the heap...it's often about who is friends with whom, what are you wearing , are you smart or dumb, fat or thin, tall or... more
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